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"Stella is the best and most loving dog we have ever had. She is beautiful and so smart! She has been easy to train and loves everyone. She is great with people. At a year and a half, she is still all puppy, but has a natural sense to be gentle with children and the elderly. The only time she barks is when there is a stranger in our yard or she feels uncomfortable. She will then give a low growl to get our attention. Stella is always happy to see us and talk to us! She lets us know what she needs. Stella has changed our lives! We Love her to pieces. Lone Oak breeds the best puppies. I'm sure every one of their dog owners feels the same way.  Thank you Linda for our "Fern" Stella Lola/Taylor 2017"

- Cindy F

Yellow Lab Puppy

- Nancy N.

"I gave your information to a family Cooper and I met at the hospital today on a therapy visit. They have lost their lab and were so impressed with Cooper's gentleness with their baby. You really do a wonderful job with your labs. So grateful!!"

"My Dolly has been the most wonderful gift I could ever imagine! This Labrador has surpassed what I might have hoped for in a companion. All who have met her are calmed and pleased by her remarkable comforting personality. Thank you so much, Linda."

- P. G. -

"We have two Lone Oak Labs and they are by far the best dogs we have ever had. We like the fact that Linda does thorough screening of potential families and doesn't just send the dogs with anyone. She also makes sure the puppies/dogs are at a point where they are ready to transition to their new forever homes. Our Lone Oak Labs, Max and Chubb, are healthy, strong, and just wonderful family dogs. They are incredible with children, even with a house full of kids from the neighborhood. They are playful, sweet, and easy to train. They each have their own silly personalities (we have a lot of funny stories). They are not just our dogs, they are a part of our family!"

- Gina M. 

"We have loved our sweet boy Samson who just turned 13 this past December. He is healthy and a wonderful member of the family. The best thing about Samson which we totally attribute to his breeding is his laid back temperament. Couldn’t be more happy with our Lone Oak Lab offspring Samson."

- Randi E. 

"Love them all but, hands down Rigby is the best dog we have ever had. She is so smart that even at her age it seems like she learns something new every day. She is great with people, gentle with children and the elderly. When she doesn’t like someone, it's only happened a couple of times, we respect her opinion. The only time she barks is when there is danger or strangers. (This is why we wanted a dog to start with!) She is always happy to see us. Just an absolute delight! You know what you are doing when you breed these pups. I'm sure every one of your dog owners feels the same."

- Beth S. 

"Our Lone Oak Lab Casey (Lone Oak Cookies ‘N Cream) was the love of our lives! She was smart, funny and sensitive as well as beautiful! She had a deep love of socks (just to carry around) and of anything peanut butter. She was happiest when around her people. We would not hesitate to welcome another Lone Oak Lab into our home!"

- Ann F

"I wanted to follow up with a note about the biggest love of our life, Sammy! He is the happiest, healthiest most loving lab I’ve ever owned. His demeanor is exceptional. He is always eager to learn, LOVES to snuggle and is as patient as they come with other dogs, humans, kids etc.  Also, we may be biased, be he is SO handsome and people stop us regularly to say so.  He has a beautiful block head and his dark makeup is still very pronounced. Sammy makes us laugh every day as he is quite goofy. He runs back and forth in the yard with his sticks, is easily self-entertained (though loves a good game of chase) and love his squeaky toys. He is a gentle soul and only barks at strangers (or a fallen tree on our walk that may not have been there yesterday ). He is absolutely perfect. Thank you!!"

- Jennifer A.

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