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Yellow AKC Lab Breeder english lab puppies in Georgia
Retired Labrador lab puppies in Georgia

For over 32 straight years Labrador Retrievers were the most popular breed of dog in America. Quoting the AKC: “The Labrador Retriever has its paws firmly planted in Americans’ hearts. It’s such a versatile and family-friendly breed. From hunters to sportsmen, pet owners, and event competitors, Labradors are the dog of choice for the best of reasons.” They are also popular as service dogs and therapy dogs. Labradors are a loving breed that make excellent furry family members, are wonderful with children, adults, and animals alike, and offer years of unconditional love and support to the right owner and caretaker. It doesn't hurt that they are great looking and fun-loving dogs, too! The Lab is such a versatile dog that it’s no wonder it makes a great companion for a variety of lifestyles.

About Us

A Breeding Passion For Labrador Retrievers
These are just some of the many attributes that we fell in love with, and just a few of the reasons why we became breeders of AKC Labrador Retrievers. We chose a lab as a first pet for our 7-year-old son over thirty years ago, and fell so in love with the breed that we looked into responsible breeding of labs and had our first litter thirty years ago. We have raised labs, and only labs, ever since. We believe strongly in maintaining the quality and heartiness of the breed and know that as you search for black Labradors for sale and yellow Labradors for sale and chocolate Labradors for sale you have many options, many which will be cheaper in price; but proper screening, good breeding, temperament and socialization are what we strive for.

Trust In A Dedicated AKC Labrador Retriever Breeder

Confidence in your pet's breeder is an all-important thing. Since we have many repeat buyers, you know that we can be trusted. You need to know that the puppy or adult lab you bring home is sound and has the foundation to become a dependable companion given the right training from you. Health-tested parents lead to healthier puppies. We adhere to the best of breed practices, testing for genetic weaknesses, certifying health and body to the extent possible, breeding from only proven quality stock, and respecting the standards of the AKC. What this means for you is that you can be assured that each and every one of our black lab dogs for sale and yellow lab dogs for sale will be a great investment as a member of your family serving you well for many years to come. We do everything within our power as breeders of AKC Labrador Retrievers to ensure that end.

Future homes for our labs are carefully screened so that we have the assurance that our puppies or older dogs are going to good homes where they can grow to their full physical and mental potential. All are sold with AKC Limited Registrations.

Though we only have one or two litters a year, and often have a waiting list, sometimes we have litters planned that you won't see on our website. Occasionally we also have adult Labradors for sale. So if you do not see your potential match on the site today, be sure to contact us to learn about upcoming litters or adult lab placement. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to pairing you with a little Labrador love!

About Us
Our Puppies

Puppies are here!

Dublin and Ben had black, yellow AND chocolate puppies, ready for homes in August. Black and chocolate available.

Contact us for more information!


What Others Are Saying

"We have two Lone Oak Labs and they are by far the best dogs we have ever had. We like the fact that Linda does thorough screening of potential families and doesn't just send the dogs with anyone. She also makes sure the puppies/dogs are at a point where they are ready to transition to their new forever homes. Our Lone Oak Labs, Max and Chubb, are healthy, strong, and just wonderful family dogs. They are incredible with children, even with a house full of kids from the neighborhood. They are playful, sweet, and easy to train. They each have their own silly personalities (we have a lot of funny stories). They are not just our dogs, they are a part of our family!"

"We have loved our sweet boy Samson who just turned 13 this past December. He is healthy and a wonderful member of the family. The best thing about Samson which we totally attribute to his breeding is his laid back temperament. Couldn’t be more happy with our Lone Oak Lab offspring Samson."

- Randi E. -

"My Dolly has been the most wonderful gift I could ever imagine! This Labrador has surpassed what I might have hoped for in a companion. All who have met her are calmed and pleased by her remarkable comforting personality. Thank you so much, Linda."

"Love them all but, hands down Rigby is the best dog we have ever had. She is so smart that even at her age it seems like she learns something new every day. She is great with people, gentle with children and the elderly. When she doesn’t like someone, it's only happened a couple of times, we respect her opinion. The only time she barks is when there is danger or strangers. (This is why we wanted a dog to start with!) She is always happy to see us. Just an absolute delight! You know what you are doing when you breed these pups. I'm sure every one of your dog owners feels the same."

- Beth S. -

- Gina M. -

- P. G. -

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lab puppies for sale in Georgia

We have our lab puppies in Georgia and all of the southeast region including Tennessee, Alabama, Florida,

North Carolina, South Carolina and other states* all across the US.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please contact us about future placement.

*Our lab puppies have been placed in FL, GA, TN, AZ, CO, LA, VA, SC, NC, IN, TX, OK, CA, MO, NV, MI, OR, AK, PA, NJ, VT and MA.

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